David Frey

Secondary School Teacher

I completed my education degree in 2010 in Canada. Directly afterwards, I started as a middle school primary teacher in Terra Nova and taught grades 3 to 6 for many years. Since 2019, I have fortunately been able to expand my teaching experiences and broaden my collective, educational knowledge in the classroom. Under the directive of Mrs Suter, I am currently responsible for building up administration and the daily operations of the secondary school. Additionally, I am responsible for teaching a broad range of subject areas in our secondary school, which has been an overwhelmingly valuable and enlightening experience.

I believe that somehow, we who are teachers and inquirers, we who love children, have to try, with their help, to read the world as it presents itself to them. We realize that, for us as well for the children, to live, is to experience a situation in terms of its meanings; and the best we can do is try to uncover, to become more clear… No longer taking the stance of an outside observer, or anatomist or quantifier, we can engage with children in a quest for what is possible.

I really value the interaction, with our students and families. I appreciate working together constructively towards a common goal.