Project Description

Hallie von Känel

Fachlehrerin Musik SEK

I am a reliable and helpful teacher who carries out music classes with a lot of passion and joy.
I have studied music since a very young age and decided to pursue a degree in Music Arts in Nashville, TN. After completing my degree, I moved to England where I taught children and adults of all different backgrounds. I learned a lot from multiple famous British artists and decided to continue my travels around Europe, performing and teaching different genres, exploring various songwriting techniques and more.

I started working for Academia International School in October 2020, where I taught at the college level. I am happy to now join Terra Nova Bilingual school and look forward to seeing the students I teach grow and mature in their music skills. I have a versatile teaching experience with both children and adults. Teaching to me requires enthusiasm, excellence, and meaning. I hope to bring color through the art of music. I am a cheerful personality who sees music as an expression of the heart. Whilst in my music lessons, the students will learn more about their feelings and emotions through different sounds and rhythms. Music brings color into life and connects people, this belief I would like to pass on to the students I teach.