Joann Osborne

Kindergarten Teacher

I am from Seattle, Washington and I graduated in 2017 with degrees in Early Childhood Education and Elementary Education. After graduating I moved to Macau to teach English. I enjoyed being part of a different culture and everything I learned from my students. I am looking forward to learning about Swiss culture and growing from my experiences here.

I started working at Terra Nova in August 2020. I enjoy working at Terra Nova because of the diversity and the approach to bilingual education. My teaching philosophy is greatly driven by Jean Piaget and his research around ‚tabula rasa‘. The idea that students are not blank slates that come to school to be filled with knowledge, but rather, they too bring their own knowledge and experiences to the classroom. I believe there are three teachers in the classroom; the teacher, the students, and the environment they learn in.

I love watching my students grow and develop. Watching a child realize they can read for the first time and knowing I played a small role in their success brings me so much joy.