Kari Roe


I am originally from Kent (in the UK) and since qualifying as a teacher, 12 years ago, I have taught in the UK, USA and Switzerland. I moved to Zurich in November 2021 and am absolutely thrilled to be starting work at Terra Nova.

I have a master’s degree from Glasgow University in the Arts, majoring in History and Theatre Studies. After a year of working in other professions, I decided to volunteer at schools in London. From the moment I stepped foot into a classroom, I was hooked! I subsequently trained and achieved my Graduate Teacher Programme.  I haven’t looked back since.

I specialise in inclusion, behaviour and adaptive teaching. I have experience working in all stages of primary education, including leadership and training.

My main aim is to ensure that every child in every lesson makes progress that can be measured. Each child has very specific learning needs and using adaptive and intuitive teaching methods, I believe we can create a happy, productive and inclusive learning environment. Just as ‘Miss Frizzle’, from the Magic School Bus says, in my classroom I have a firm belief that we should all feel comfortable to ‘Take chances, make mistakes, get messy and have fun!’

Aside from my passion for teaching, I am obsessed with history, all things spooky (Halloween), Christmas, dogs, and chocolate.