Nicola Gomes


My name is Nicola Gomes. I was born in England and raised in Canada which I believe has led to my love of travel and new cultures. I have travelled, volunteered and worked in many countries around the world and have learned a lot through my experiences.

I began my teaching career in Canada after completing my Master of Education in New York. I then moved and taught in England before moving to Basel and teaching first grade at an International School. I have been teaching in Zurich for 5 years and love this city and it’s growing diversity!

Prior to becoming a teacher, and after completing my undergraduate degree in Psychology I worked as a Child and Youth Worker for at-risk children in Toronto. This taught me a lot about the emotional needs of children and the importance of fostering the development of Emotional Intelligence, particularly in young children.

I believe in creating a classroom that is open-minded, creative and supportive of personal student development as well as academic success. Building confidence, curiosity and the skills to think independently, inquire and have fun along the way!

Children must be taught how to think, not what to think. – Margaret Mead