Our location located in the Heart of Küsnacht

Our school buildings are centrally located near the train station. The playground is only a few minutes’ walk away. The children never travel alone. The class teacher accompanies them.

The classrooms are part of our teaching philosophy. We have seen, found, rented and redesigned them. In Küsnacht, a coffee machine manufacturer, a mechanical engineering company and a communication agency previously used the spaces.

Even before Terra Nova Bilingual School, the spaces were used to work, construct, invent and as a place of thought. Our rooms reflect an open mind. We create environments that are conducive to learning – bright, alert and spacious.

Küsnacht School Building

Children from pre-kindergarten through Grade 6 are taught in our Küsnacht school building.

Two large terraces serve as areas for shorter breaks. The children visit the park by the lake (Küsnachter Horn) for longer breaks usually in the afternoons, where a meadow and a meadow await them, or the forest with a fireplace and the Küsnacht stone, a boulder from the last Ice Age.

The kindergarten is located in a separate, adjoining, angular house – our “Villa Kunterbunt“ or colorful villa.