Elizabeth Suter


After completing my bachelors in primary education and mathematics, I worked in public and private schools in the United States and Switzerland. I joined the Terra Nova team in 2003 as a classroom teacher and in 2010 became the English pedagogical leader working closely with the school management. During this time, I completed the training for school management here in Switzerland. In February 2018 I had the honour of taking over the role as principal of Terra Nova.

The opportunity to accompany your child on his or her learning journey is a great privilege for me and brings with it an enormous responsibility that I take seriously. For me, it’s more than just teaching. I believe it is vital to support every child individually so that they can reach their full potential and develop their intellect, creativity and character.

During their time at Terra Nova, I want to inspire the children to become independent, socially responsible and internationally oriented adults. It is important to me to create a school atmosphere that promotes an innovative, individualized and inspiring approach to learning.

Every morning I look forward to seeing the lively children, each and every one of them, and I look forward to working with my exciting and dedicated team.