After school clubs

The Terra Nova Bilingual School is also here for our students after regular lessons have ended. A varied range of recreational courses after classes have finished makes it possible for children and young students to pursue special interests and talents. After school there is also the possibility to do homework and prepare for tests with the support of a teacher.

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Beschreibung / Description

As technology becomes more prevalent in our lives, coding is becoming a valuable if not necessary 21st century skill, revolutionizing every aspect of today’s world – think self-driving cars, robot-assisted surgery, social media, banking, the environment, and more.
Coding empowers kids of all ages to become makers of technology by tapping into their ability to bring their imagination to life.
Kids and teens who code excel at school in math and science, even reading, while developing a skill that will prepare them for future job opportunities.

Students will use a series of learning platforms to understand any apply fundamental concepts such as sequencing, abstraction, repetition, conditional statements, loops, and functions, while building their own digital games and animations.

Kursleitung / Course Instructor

TechSpark Academy are a leading provider of digital technology education in Switzerland. Our mission is to allow students to gain critical insights into how the digital world is conceived and developed. We bring our courses to life by working with young and inspiring ETHZ students as instructors. Join our coding clubs and discover what your child can create with the power of code.