After school clubs

The Terra Nova Bilingual School is also here for our students after regular lessons have ended. A varied range of recreational courses after classes have finished makes it possible for children and young students to pursue special interests and talents. After school there is also the possibility to do homework and prepare for tests with the support of a teacher.

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This Dinkies programme is specifically designed for 3 and 4 year olds, and is perfect for youngsters just starting school. Using a series of structured lessons, your child is given the opportunity to practice skills which will develop their confidence to continue the exciting journey into sport participation and tackling more advanced sport skills.

  • Skill Sequence: The introduction of ‘reflexes’ and ‘positioning’ which is a crucial requirement in the execution of a skill.
  • Confidence: We focus on confidence to participate in sporting activities and games with competence.
  • Enjoyment: The continued development of your child’s enjoyment for sports participation.
  • Integration: We develop socials skills with the intended outcome of social integration with other children.

Additional Information

Small classes that are age specific for boys and girls. Every child receives reports during the year and a certificate at the completion of each stage.

Course Instruction

Coaches are trained regularly and use specialised coaching methods as well as specially designed sporting equipment.