Pre-Kindergarten – exploring the world through play

In our bilingual pre-kindergarten (German/English), the children are offered a stimulating space to experience, play and discover. In a nurturing environment with professional, loving care, we encourage the children’s curiosity with varied and meaningful activities.

The children develop emotional, social and cognitive skills in a playful way and improve their gross and fine motor skills.

Our pre-kindergarten aims to support and nurture the development of each individual child and is structured with an interdisciplinary approach. The children are encouraged to broaden their knowledge of vocabulary in both German and English equally. In addition, they are introduced to the world of numbers and letters.

Collaborative learning experiences take place daily both indoors and outdoors in nature and the local community. On a weekly basis, an afternoon is spent in the forest, encouraging the joy of discovering the environment.

At lunch and snack time, we place great emphasis on a healthy and balanced diet.

The holistic acquisition of skills and the extended, social environment of our pre-kindergarten enables the children to make an ideal transition to the kindergarten level.

We look forward to welcoming your child!

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Core elements of Pre-Kindergarten level 

  • Bilingual pre-kindergarten from 3 years (potty trained)

  • Promoting cognitive skills through playful learning and exploration

  • Fostering social and emotional skills through a variety of community experiences 

  • Development of fine and gross motor skills through a range of activities such as handicrafts, painting, forest afternoons or daily excursions into nature

  • Balanced promotion of language competence in German and English

  • Qualified, native-speaking kindergarten teachers

  • Foundation for a successful transition to our kindergarten

  • Supervision ratio 1:6