Kindergarten – learning through play

Our bilingual kindergarten is a two-year programme, and is open to children from the age of four.

Instruction in Kindergarten is half in High German and half in English by native speakers. We carefully introduce the children to both languages, building on their prior knowledge.

In all areas of learning, we prepare the children for school: in guided activities, stories, creative tasks and free play. We enable children to gain positive experiences with writing, numbers and media, laying a solid foundation in these areas. Our teaching is tailored to their interests and developmental stages and always focuses on play: reading, writing and an understanding of numbers are encouraged through role play, singing, stories, hands-on activities etc.

It is important to us that every child feels at ease, is happy and develops a love of learning.

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Core elements of kindergarten level

  • Preparation for primary level in all areas of learning.
  • Awakening a basic mathematical understanding.
  • First exposure with the written word.
  • Development of personality and social skills.
  • Learning through play.
  • Introduction to German and English languages.