Our youngest: the Kindergarten

The Kindergarten at the Terra Nova Bilingual School generally lasts two years and is open to children from four years of age.

We lead the children based on their prior knowledge of German and/or English and prepare them in all areas of learning for their future schooling career. The teaching is shared equally between German and English, and is given by mother tongue teachers. In these foundation years the children are already exposed to a wide-ranging experience in writing and media.

There are not yet subject lessons in the Kindergarten. The children develop their skills across the disciplines in an integrated way – through activities, actions, creative tasks and play. The teacher selects specific content from different education areas to meet the needs of the children either as a whole class, small groups or individually.

The learning environment mirrors the reality of life for children as much as possible. For them it is important that they belong to and can contribute to this environment, that they have friends and feel understood, protected and treated fairly by the teachers.

Goals of the Kindergarten

  • Preparation in all learning areas for entrance to primary schooling
  • Development of character and social competences
  • Learning through play – playful learning

  • Progress in the two languages

  • Awakening and raising basic mathematical understanding

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