Primary Level: Grades 1–6 for 6–12 year olds

The first years serve to introduce and develop basic cultural techniques. The children bring different foreknowledge to this and learn at different paces. While some have already gathered first experiences in a subject, others must learn the new material from the ground up. We therefore focus on differentiated instruction. No child should be bored – and every child should not only understand, but also internalize material.

Social studies is a broad field of research and experience. Here the children deal with the multifaceted questions of life, look for answers to scientific phenomena, develop expertise in numerous areas and so expand their general knowledge. Language, mathematics and social studies instruction is shared equally between German and in English. Generally one mother tongue teacher works in the first half of the week, the teacher with the other language during the second part.

Music, handicrafts, theater, media and sports are taught by qualified subject personnel either in English or German depending upon the teacher’s origin. As of Grade 5 French is added, also taught by a mother tongue teacher.

Goals of the Primary Level:

  • High proficiency in both languages
  • Preparation for entry into the secondary 1 level (Gymnasium or secondary schooling)
  • Alongside the development of knowledge, expansion in working and social skills
  • Recognition of own talents, strengths and weaknesses

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Support and Extension

Special Subject Lessons