The Pro-gymnasium Bilingual Secondary School successfully started in August 2019.

At our academically demanding secondary school, our students continue their education in two languages.
Our bilingual curriculum is based on the official curriculum of the Canton of Zurich (Lehrplan 21) and the standards of the Cambridge International Curriculum.

All students are prepared for entry into our English-language high school, private or public high schools (Gymnasiums), or other further schooling possibilities.

Learning at this age

Knowledge, skills and abilities are deepened and extended in subject-specific, differentiated lessons. Abstract thinking and learning gain in importance to due the general and cognitive development of the students, without sacrificing learning in concrete situations. Interdisciplinary competences are practised continuously and in depth. Attitudes and approaches are reflected upon so that the students are able to learn independently and autonomously.


The focus is on academic learning in a homogeneous classroom environment.

In Mathematics, we support all students in the further development of their mathematical thinking skills – abstraction, spatial imagination and problem-solving strategies are central elements of teaching.

Formal language and literary competences of the curricula are provided in German, English and French by teachers with the corresponding native language and taught using modern didactics and methodology.

Natural sciences, sport, art and music are additional important components of teaching – they broaden horizons and promote differentiated learning for our students.

In project lessons, our students work together in a team to develop different topics and present them to their class.

IMPORTANT: monolingual students / change in schooling paths

We have the academia Language School ( as a strong partner at our side. As one of the largest language schools in Switzerland, it has many years of experience in teaching languages to adults, teenagers and children. This enables us to offer intensive language lessons tailored to the individual learning needs of our new students. Thanks to this intensive and individualised language support, we can accept students with little experience in English or German at any time.

Continued Schooling Options After Secondary School

Those who complete their secondary schooling with us have attractive connection options. Our English-speaking college (Grades 9-12), which like our secondary school follows the Cambridge International Curriculum, is located right next to the HB Zurich and prepares students for the International A Levels without an entrance examination ( This internationally accepted Matura ensures access to all universities in both Switzerland and abroad. Our secondary school students can of course also choose to attend a public Gymnasium by taking the entrance examination at a cantonal school. We prepare our students for all options. Attending a private Gymnasium or high school is another option.

School Career

Goals for our students:

  • Well coordinated preparation for further schooling paths
  • Promotion of formal, literary and cultural language competences in D, E and F
  • Expansion of interconnected thinking
  • Competence learning: linking of previous with new knowledge with one’s own abilities / personal application
  • Personal development: imparting values and developing an efficient and individual learning attitude and learning strategies

What we offer

  • Qualified, committed and native-speaking teachers
  • Balanced division of subjects in German and English
  • Small class sizes
  • Personal accompaniment of our students
  • Preparation for our English speaking Gymnasium (aisCollege) as well as for other public or private schooling paths or international schools

Get to know us

We warmly invite you and your family to visit us, tour our facilities and meet with our school administration, who would be happy to explain the concept and the possibilities of our secondary school and answer your questions.

Please make an appointment at: Tel. +41 44 910 43 00 or per email

We look forward to meeting you!

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