Secondary school

At our academically demanding secondary school, our students continue their learning journey in small, bilingual classes. German and English are given equal weighting. Our committed, highly qualified teachers deliver lessons in their native language. As a Swiss accredited school, our bilingual curriculum is based on the curriculum of the Canton of Zurich (Lehrplan 21) and, in English, on the standards of the Cambridge Curriculum.

The students deepen and broaden their knowledge, abilities and skills in all subject areas. We respond to their individual abilities and needs. Increasing importance is attached to abstract thinking, while continuing experiential learning, based on concrete activities and situations. We continuously hone interdisciplinary skills. Together with the students, we reflect on attitudes and mindsets to ensure that they are in a position to learn independently.

Language teaching in German and English takes place in levelled groups. In project lessons, our students work on different subjects in teams and present the results to the class.

All students are prepared for the transition to a public or private Gymnasium such as the Academia International School or to another form of upper secondary schooling.

What happens next?

Those completing secondary school with us have an attractive choice of further schooling options:

  • a cantonal upper secondary schooling (short-term Gymnasium) or vocational school (BMS). We prepare our secondary school students for the relevant entrance exam.
  • The English-language Academia International School, entrance available to our students without an entrance exam. This also follows the Cambridge International Curriculum and prepares students for International A Levels. A Levels are a ticket to traditional and technical universities in Switzerland and around the world.
  • Young people with a passion for music, sport or dance can move on to the Swiss Academy Zurich without an examination and combine their passion with continuing secondary education.
  • Other private or public upper secondary schools.

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Core elements of secondary school

  • Tailored preparation for further upper secondary schooling (Gymnasium).
  • High formal literary and cultural language proficiency in German, English and French.
  • Well-developed interconnective thinking.
  • Ability to link what has been learned to existing abilities/personal experiences (competency-based learning).
  • Personal maturity: clear values and an efficient, individual learning mindset and learning strategy.