Project Description

David Frey


My name is David Frey.
People describe me as energetic, highly motivated for new experiences, and having a good sense of humour. I enjoy art, literature and music of all kinds.

I love nature, fishing and camping with my family. I don’t like being cold, hungry or tired.

Someone once told me that „teaching is a messy art.“ Although that may be very true, it is definitely an art of passion. For me, teaching is the exhilarating enterprise to create a discourse between the known and the unknown, an attempt to converge ideals and facts through an analytical approach to problem-solving and risk-taking.

For me, the classroom is an environment where students are able to foster their individual interests, where they can feel free to contribute and develop themselves and are encouraged to have an opinionated interest. Students are able to partake in imaginative, process-oriented thinking while addressing curiosity as a consistant influence for better learning. Above all, the classroom is an enjoyable atmosphere, free from ridicule and harsh judgement so students can work together in a friendly, cooperative environment.

„The voyage of discovering is not seeking new landscapes, but in having new eyes.“ (Marcel Proust)

I have been working with children on various levels for over twleve years now. While studying through my first university degree, I was employed at Riverview Ashland Dayschool in Canada as an Early Child Educator. In 2003 I obtained a Bachelor of Arts in English Communications at the University of Winnipeg. Soon thereafter, I immigrated to Switzerland where I wanted to continue working with children and was soon employed in 2003 as an assistant at Terra Nova Bilingual School. Based on my enriching experience at Terra Nova, I left after six years and continued my studies in Canada. In 2011 I obtained a Bachelor of Education from the University of Winnipeg. I now have returned to Terra Nova to continue the learning journey taking on the new role as a classroom teacher.