Project Description

Joanne Postma

Drama Lehrerin

My name is Joanne Postma.
People describe me as highly creative, funny, intelligent and hard working. I enjoy the great outdoors, performances of all kinds, and directing and designing theatre productions. I also love to host dinners and parties, where i can share my international culinary skills for my friends and family to enjoy.

An educational quote that resonates within me is one by Albert Einstein, which states:

«It is the supreme art of the teacher to awaken joy in creative expression and knowledge.»

When i apply this to teaching Drama and theatre, it is so satisfying to give kids the tools they need for guided exploration of imagination and creativity that is so integral in the performing arts. My favourite student quote was when a student came running into the Drama classroom and spoke excitedly about the heroes unit that they were working on in English class. When he spoke, he excitedly told me that he ha to make a list of personal heroes in his life, and I was on it. I deeply appreciate the bonds that students can create in a trustworthy and safe Drama classroom, once the guidelines for exploration are clearly established.

I am originally from Ontario, Canada. I also have a Dutch citizenship. I received my honours bachelor degree in Dramatic arts and English, and teaching degree at Queens University in Kingston Ontario. I worked near Toronto for 6 years before coming to Zurich to teach in 2008. I am very excited to continue this line of work in IBS Terra Nova and at other schools in and around this part of Switzerland.