Project Description

Sarah Park


My name is Sarah Högger-Park. I was born in the dynamic city of South Korea, Seoul and later, my family relocated to Australia. I grew up in a sunny city called Brisbane, where I could enjoy glistening sunshine all year round!

Upon completing my degree in Primary Education, I moved to England for new adventures. I worked in various schools with all age groups. It was a life-changing experience and I learned so much there. At the end of 2018, I headed to Switzerland, where I now call home, to be with my Swiss husband. Before joining Terra Nova, I taught in a bilingual Kindergarten and gained valuable insights into the Swiss education system.

The two keywords to my educational vision are; enjoyment and inclusion. It departs from the philosophy that every learner is unique and individual. The world is, and a classroom is filled with learners from diverse backgrounds with different interests and needs. Every learner should be given opportunities to be inspired in one’s own, meaningful way. I believe learning should be flexible and versatile. My goal is to be an adaptable teacher, who understands and respects the uniqueness of every learner.

Since moving to Switzerland, I added ‚a wannabe green thumb‘ to my hobby profile, thanks to the beautiful nature here! I also enjoy being ‚an experimental cook‘ and ‚a nature wanderer‘ when I am free.

Being a teacher is like travelling. Every day you stop at various destinations. When you look back, you can always say they were all worthwhile and valuable moments. I feel very blessed to love what I do and do what I love and I cannot wait to continue this journey with Terra Nova!