Project Description

Trix Court


My name is Trix Court . I was born in Switzerland, but raised in England. After graduating from Exeter University in England, I started my teaching career in a small coastal resort in Devon. In 1991, an opportunity arose which brought me to Switzerland and I never looked back. Since then I had the privilege to further my teaching skills in Boarding, International, Bilingual, Gifted and local Swiss schools, teaching all ages from Preschool to Grade 8.

«Education is not the filling of a pail, but the lighting of a fire.»
– William Butler Yeats

Establishing a mutual, respectful and honest rapport with students is of vital importance to provide an environment where the student feels safe to take risks. Every child is unique and I believe it our responsibility as educators to encourage them to reach their potential. My aim is to evoke a love of learning, and to nurture a curiosity of the world around them.