Jessica Bonhôte

Pedagogical Leader English
Primary School Teacher
Pedagogical Support English

A passion for teaching was something I discovered during my time at university. Whilst studying Psychology and English Language, the opportunity to experience life as an ESL teacher in Spain helped me realise that a career in teaching was something I wanted to pursue! Following the completion of my PGCE at Northampton University, my journey as a teacher began in 2011, in a village primary school in the English midlands.

I have been part of the Terra Nova team since 2014, teaching in the cycle of the lower primary classes. In 2018 I took over the role of English Pedagogical Leader.

A holistic approach to growing and learning is something I feel is a central part of our school’s concept. It is a unique school where each individual student is supported in reaching their personal and academic goals. The environment here encourages, motivates and celebrates each child and their differences whilst also bringing everyone together to develop a shared culture of acceptance. This creates a positive and effective learning atmosphere.

I feel privileged to be a teacher. Every day is different and brings with it new questions, interesting observations and plenty of fun. Getting to know my students and creating lessons to engage them in their learning brings me so much joy. Helping my students understand the wider world around them and how their learning inside the classroom needs to apply to real life is also an area that I enjoy exploring.

As pedagogical leader, collaboration with a diverse team of teachers who each have valuable experiences from around the world makes work life very interesting!