Mission Statement

The Terra Nova Bilingual School opens the eyes to numerous worlds. Along the communal path into the future many horizons and perspectives arise. With its two sites in Küsnacht and Feldmeilen, Terra Nova Bilingual School presents itself as a modern educational, cultural and social center.

We open worlds …

Our private school is state recognized as well as confessionally and ideologically independent. Since its foundation in 1996, Terra Nova Bilingual School has stood for a performance-oriented educational institution and a place of innovation. Parents who set high standards for the education of their children find a competent partner in Terra Nova Bilingual School. Our uppermost goal is to prepare the students for an academic education in either a long- or short-term Gymnasium grammar school.

Terra Nova Bilingual School is firmly anchored in the Swiss educational landscape and prepares children and youth for international requirements. We want to maintain the joy of discovery, recognize children’s talents and specific strengths and promote them. In awareness of the significance of English, we already nurture bilingualism in our kindergarten and primary school. At the secondary level, language teaching in German and English is according to knowledge and happens in ability-level groups.

Poets and philosophers allow the heroes of their stories to set out for new lands and horizons time and again. Terra Nova discovered neither bilingualism nor school. However, with our Terra Nova philosophy we are always exploring new land.

The school is run as a day school and cares for the children throughout the day – with lunch and additional offers in culture and sport.

We open doors …

… to the world of languages

  • communicate successfully
  • act with social agility
  • increase educational and professional opportunities

… to the world of sciences

  • understand connections
  • know and utilize internet, media und modern software
  • investigate, order and link information

… to society and the environment

  • build and cultivate relationships
  • organize and enjoy events and festivities
  • experience the familiar environment of a day school

… to the worlds of art, culture and sport

  • read, write and dive into the world of literature
  • make, compose, move and experience music in its variety
  • draw, paint, photograph,film,build, craft
  • act, write scripts and direct theatre
  • enjoy the diversity of art and sport

… to inner worlds

  • ripen into a strong personality
  • recognize talents and promote abilities
  • overcome boundaries and strive for success

… to success

  • We provide space for new ideas and passionate learning.