Our values and intent

Terra Nova Bilingual School opens doors to different worlds. We attach great importance to expanding our students’ horizons during their time with us and developing new perspectives. We see our school as a modern place of educational and cultural encounters. It is an independent institution with no religious or ideological affiliations.

Terra Nova Bilingual School has been firmly rooted in the Swiss educational landscape for over 25 years and, at the same time, has always successfully prepared its students for an international future. We want children to retain that thrill of discovery, and we aim to recognise, nurture and develop talent and specific abilities.

We are constantly developing as a school and breaking new ground.

We open doors…

… to the world of languages, as our students

  • communicate successfully in German and English,
  • act with social agility,
  • increase their educational and professional opportunities.

… to the world of sciences, as they

  • understand connections,
  • utilise internet, media and software,
  • investigate, order and assimilate information.

… to society and the environment, as they

  • build and cultivate relationships,
  • organise and enjoy events and festivities,
  • experience the close-knit day school environment.

… to the worlds of art, culture and sport, as they

  • read, write and immerse themselves in the world of literature,
  • play music, compose, dance,
  • draw, paint, take photographs, film, build, enjoy crafts,
  • act, write scripts, direct,
  • take part in sport.

… to inner worlds, as they

  • mature into strong personalities,
  • recognise talents and promote abilities,
  • make full use of their potential,
  • overcome barriers and strive for success.

… to success, as all of our students

  • are given the space to develop new ideas and a passion for learning.