The most important ambassadors for our school are satisfied students and parents and our successful alumni. We are proud of the fact that we regularly receive good reviews and great feedback on various social media networks (Google, Facebook).

Here’s what students and parents say about us:

The warm, inclusive environment and high academic standards of Terra Nova have inspired our daughters to become avid and successful learners. The teachers and principal are fantastic. They stress being respectful to others and they encourage students to develop themselves. Simply the best bilingual school, we could not have made a better decision!
International family with 2 children at Terra Nova, member of Terra Nova community for over 8 years.

We initially decided to send our son to Terra Nova so that he could obtain the intercultural competence that we believe is fundamental in this world. What we have received these last 5 years goes beyond our highest expectations. Terra Nova provides the space and support for our son to flourish in his own way, whilst at the same time giving an education that fosters a higher level of connectivity and supports the richness of human capacity. This is, in our view, the best way to support our son in moving towards a very uncertain future. Last but not least, it is a happy place. The staff and students encourage each other, understand each other and assist each other. Utopia does indeed exist at Florastrasse 19, 8700 Küsnacht.
Swiss Italian-American family with child in primary school. At Terra Nova since Kindergarten 1.

All three of our children have, at some point, been students at Terra Nova. We chose the school not only because it offers high-quality bilingual education, but also because we were impressed with the personal touch and strong sense of community. Classes are small enough to allow a tailored learning experience. Teachers and staff are highly qualified. Both they and the school principal and her staff are fully present and responsive to all our concerns. Terra Nova has provided a safe and nurturing environment for our children to learn and develop, as well as a partner for us in parenting and educating our children.
International family with 3 children that attended our school.

Our daughter and son have attended Terra Nova since their very first day of pre-school ( Kindergarten 1). During this time our children have evolved both personally and academically through their bilingual studies, interesting activities, variety of Terra Nova courses and various experiences the school offers. The school is professionally and sympathetically managed by the principal, Mrs. Suter. Not only do the children become more confident, independent and motivated, but the continuing encouragement they receive from their teachers in the classes gives them personalised tools to focus on their social and academic skills, as well as promoting their creativity. The professional Terra Nova team also helps the children focus on their future, with an understanding of their own educational goals, while promoting individual talents. We feel really very lucky that our children are attending exactly this school, socialised with their international school friends, as well as very attentive and high professional academic teachers and staff members. We believe, the bilingual education system at Terra Nova is outstanding. We would gladly recommend Terra Nova to other interested families and parents.
Swiss-Russian family with two children that attended our school from 1st Kindergarten.

We have been very happy with the caring and nurturing environment provided throughout the whole school at Terra Nova. Our children received excellent language support, and were proficient in the German language in a surprisingly short time despite having joined the school without speaking any German. The school provides a fun and stimulating atmosphere in which to learn.
American family with 2 children in primary school.

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