What’s unique about us

We support each child individually. No two children are the same. We welcome diversity and take our responsibility to provide each child with individual support seriously, enabling students to develop their potential in terms of intelligence, creativity and personality. We nurture children through the high level of education we provide and through our diverse extracurricular activities.

We lay the foundation for future success. We create an environment in which each child can grow. We nurture talent, bolster persistence, foster the joy of learning and systematically train our students’ learning and working techniques. We are convinced that, in addition to a solid education, realistic self-reflection and a healthy self-esteem are fundamental for future educational and professional success.

We inspire. Terra Nova is dynamic and offers a vast range of challenging learning stimuli. We encourage our students’ thirst for knowledge, their independence and their empathy – because we want them to become independent, socially responsible and internationally focused, successful adults.

We are also here for your child outside teaching hours. We provide homework supervision and offer a diverse after-school programme as well as a variety of holiday activities. Lunch is included in the school fees.

We combine local roots with a cosmopolitan mindset. Located in the heart of the village of Küsnacht, we provide a bilingual education based on the Swiss curriculum for children from around the world. English instruction is based on the Cambridge curriculum. We provide an innovative, individual and inspiring approach to learning.

We are much more than a school. We are an open and motivated team, enthusiastic about education and interested in you and your child. It is important to us to create a lively community in which students, parents, staff and visitors feel welcome and in good hands.

This makes us unique

  • We take an innovative and passionate approach to teaching

  • We encourage and challenge each child on an individual basis

  • We lay a solid foundation for further educational pathways

  • We teach essential learning and working techniques