Our Staff

Approximately 40 people are employed at our school – qualified, certified and with an education in their country of origin. The different learning cultures have a fruitful and challenging influence. Local and international influences lead to an open, tolerant cooperation that is also carried over to the children.

Specialist teachers and teaching assistants complement the team and work closely with the class teachers. In this way the children are experienced and assessed by other professionals in different learning situations.

The staff for lunch, after-school care, the school bus driver, the facility management and the administration help ensure that everything surrounding the teaching functions optimally.


Fabienne Speck

Stellvertretende Schulleiterin, Pädagogische Leiterin Deutsch, Leiterin Begabten- und Begabungsförderung


Jessica Bonhôte

Pedagogical Leader English, Primary School Teacher, Pedagogical Support English